How Brokers add Value

Broker can add value as they: 1) understand the risk 2) Craft a tailored solution 3) Consider Cost 4) Become the trusted advisor
4/8/2018 04:37

Small Business Insurance Package

Small business owners tend to be born optimists with little inclination to think about what could go wrong. That’s why it pays to have an insurance broker in your corner to safeguard what you’ve worked for.
2/6/2018 05:12

Thinking of buying home and content insurance? Read this!

Have you insured your Home and Contents for the right value? Are you at risk of being underinsured? To ensured to are not underinsured, here is some information to make sure your house is protected for its value.
11/5/2018 04:39

Easter long weekend- avoiding risks while on holidays

Easter long weekend is an ideal time for many to travel and enjoy quality family time. It also means a lot of people are on the road, whether it is travelling locally or interstate. Here are a few trip to ensure you are safe while on holidays with your family.
30/3/2018 05:10

Fair Work Commission decision on pay rates for casual workers

Changes around pay rates for casual workers- an alert for businesses to ensure they are aware of changes to the modern industrial awards.
15/3/2018 05:04

Cybercrime is on the rise. Doing nothing may be the biggest risk of all

As people, business and governments all become more reliant on interconnected computer networks, more economic value is digitised and stored online, making the rewards of cybercrime ever more attractive. From financial crime to theft of personal or confidential business information, cybercriminals have plenty of enticing targets.
23/9/2017 00:37

Stormy weather is coming: A word on tropical cyclones

The release of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s tropical cyclone outlook reminds us that the tropical cyclone season for Australia is now upon us. The Bureau’s outlook is found here:
23/9/2017 00:24

Protect your property investment with landlords insurance

Just as there are countless different types of tenants, so too are there all sorts of different landlord insurance policies.
22/9/2017 22:20



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